Our expert in SACAT matters is the wonderful Aaron Fornarino, Consultant Solicitor.

Aaron is a member of a small panel of specialist solicitors who can assist representing clients at the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT). Aaron assists in reviewing decisions in the original, review and internal review jurisdictions and has worked as an advocate in the area of mental health for over 5 years.

SACAT Matters and Specific Orders

Aaron is able to represent you as the Protected Person, at no cost to you, in reviews regarding the following Orders, if nominated:

Guardianship and/or Administration Orders

Aaron is also able to provide first point advice or to represent a family member or interested person requiring representation, who applies for Guardianship of a family member or to be the Administrator of his/her financial affairs. For example, this may be for a family member who has lost mental capacity, through a progressive illness such as dementia or a car accident or disability. Please note, persons requiring private advice and representation will be required to pay legal fees to our firm, but at a discounted rate.

Mental Health Orders

Aaron can assist persons detained under the Mental Health Act 2009 in psychiatric wards in public hospitals in South Australia. He can attend to clients in hospital for instructions and represents clients at the hearing which are conducted in the ward. These hearings are often extremely sensitive and distressing stressful events for the patient.

Aaron is also able and willing to further represent patients with any related criminal matters and guide clients through the appropriate pathways in the Criminal Court system, such as the Diversion Courts or section 269 Court for patients with a mental incompetence defence.

We refer you to the Mental Health page at the SACAT website a s follows

Inpatient Treatment Orders Level 1, 2 and 3

Aaron can also assist clients with Community Treatment Orders for psychiatric treatment whilst living in the community. These reviews are conducted at hearings at SACAT in Pirie Street in the city.

Community Treatment Orders Level 2

For a SACAT review of any Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Orders and related orders Level 1 and 2 Community Treatment Orders and Guardianship and Administration Orders, complete the application at the SACAT website, or call 1800 723 767 for assistance.

For general first point advice in any related area to the above sensitive matters please contact Aaron or one of the friendly team at Old Port Chambers today on 8447 2008 for telephone advice and direction or to book an appointment: