If you are charged with a criminal offence sometimes police bail is refused.

Sometimes, particularly on weekends where there is a delay of over 24 hours in getting to court we can assist with telephone applications for bail, other times we can represent you in court to get you bail.


This is an area where it is always advisable to at least get initial legal advice. The impact of a refusal of bail can take weeks and months to sort out. In some cases, it cannot be cured. Bail applications need to be done right in the first place before a status quo of imprisonment is established.

Additionally, in SA the effect of S10A of the bail act is to make some applicants “prescribed applicants “where the ordinary presumption in favour of bail is reversed.

Bail is an area where competent and experienced representation is essential.

We are one of South Australia’s most experienced criminal law firms and we cover all criminal charges from drink driving to murder and everything in between.

If you need bail

we can give you the advice you need to make the best decision about when and how to apply (speed is often vital, for instance to preserve jobs etc). We can even advise if you need a lawyer to assist at all- (given that normally the presumption is in favour of bail, occasionally you don’t need a lawyer and a lot of money can be saved by ‘going it alone’). 

If bail is refused

we can help with appeals on bail and advice whether it is worth taking further including advice on how best to conduct an appeal in order to maximise your chances of success.

The key, as always, is to determine how best to proceed – and how you can get the best possible outcome.

If bail has already been refused by a court, as we have done hundreds of times before, we can help by speedily taking the matter on appeal to the Supreme Court.


We are highly cost competitive and pride ourselves in achieving the best possible result for our clients. Bail is an area where quick straight and experienced advice is absolutely essential.