If you are charged with a more serious matter,it is invariably stressful, often frightening and it is always advisable to get sound legal advice. The impact of convictions can linger a lifetime, affecting future work and travel opportunities. A bad result can mean jailtime and yet the risk of this can often be avoided if well represented.

We are one of South Australia’s most experienced criminal law firms. This experience makes a big difference and we cover all criminal charges from drink driving to murder – eg

  • Major indictable matters, eg major assaults to murder
  • Common Charges such as minor assaults, theft and breaking charges, trespass matters, receiving stolen goods etc
  • Police Offences – eg resisting arrest, offensive language, disorderly behaviour, unlawful possession, refusing to give name and address etc
  • Drug Offences – from simple possession to drug importation and major drug trafficking charges.
  • Sex Offences – From indecent behaviour through to major rape charges and all matters in between.
  • Each area is distinct and involves different considerations and consequences. We understand these and can guide you to the best outcome.

If you are pleading guilty we can assist with pleas whatever court your matter is in. Importantly, we can advise you about whether you have a defence and ought to be pleading at all! Many people plead guilty where they have a good defence. We can give you the advice you need to make the best possible decision on that.

We can conduct defended trials in all jurisdictions whether your matter is before the Supreme Court or in the District or Magistrate s courts.

The key is to determine how best to proceed – can your case be defended successfully or, if not, how do we get you the best possible result?

What is your best option in terms of cost and outcome? Can you recover the cost of your defence if successful and how best to maximise the chance of that?

On a plea – We aim to pay for ourselves, getting fines and penalties reduced and significantly reducing the real cost to you of a brush with the law.

If we are going to trial – Our aim is simple, to have you acquitted. We like to win and have a state wide track record of successful defence work.


We are highly cost competitive and pride ourselves in achieving the best possible result for our clients. Criminal law is a tough area where straight advice and a willingness to fight are essential.

Is it worth it? Since our first interview is free why not contact us and find out?