For most people a Driving offence, whether speeding or drink driving is the most common way that they will come into contact with the court system and for many of us it can be bewildering and frightening.

As one of South Australia’s most experienced criminal law firms covering all criminal matters ranging from drink driving to murder – it’s our job to take the worry out for you.

We can help the complete range of driving matters

  • DUI, drug driving and Prescribed concentration of Alcohol
  • Speeding, and driving in a manor dangerous charges
  • High speed chases
  • Hoon driving and vehicle impounding matters
  • Points demerit appeals
  • Driving under disqualification

If you find yourself charged we can advise you about whether you have a defence and ought be pleading at all!  Many people plead guilty where they have a good defence. Others engage lawyers when realistically they could get just as good a result by going it alone without a lawyer.

We give you the advice you need to make the best possible decision in the individual circumstances of your case.

The key is to determine what is your best option in terms of cost and outcome? In traffic matters the equation ought to be whether we can save you more than you spend in terms of length of any licence disqualification, points demerits and fines.

On a plea – We aim to pay for ourselves, getting fines and penalties reduced and significantly reducing the real cost to you of any brush in with the law.

If we are going to trial – Our aim is simple – to have you acquitted.


We are highly cost competitive and pride ourselves in achieving the best possible result for our clients.

Is it worth it?

Since our first interview is free why not contact us and find out?